Meet The Team

Our Team

Meet our enthusiastic and skilled team, from bloggers, photographers and journalists. Each member brings creativity and uniqueness allowing us  gel together. We work closely with our clients, building long lasting relationships.

Head Video Producer
Hi I'm Si, I give your adverts and events that creative edge, just say the word! My team are the best of course, we also help you with post production tutorials to show you how to edit your own video content. Pretty cool right!
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Culture Blogger / Design edditor
Hey guys, it's Anjula here. I am in charge of creating the fun, arty designs, me and my design team bring your ideas to life, from graphic, fashion and web design, you name it we've got you covered.
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Head Photographer / Journalist
Hello, just call me Em. I am in charge of your super fine imagery, capturing moments in HD. My strong team of photographers always insure a crystal service and stop at nothing to make our users happy.
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Hi I'm Jamayne, a wellbeing officer with Lively Group, me and my amazing team cover lifestyle, health and wellbeing, supplying you with an off the shelf professional account at all times.
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Magic Marc
Entertainer / Blogger
So they call me Magic Marc, I am in charge of entertainment. No it's not what your thinking. Check out my social profile.
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Graphic Designer
Hey guys, Call me Em, I get all of your creative designs together and help you figure out the look you want.
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Video Editor
Hi I'm Eric, I'm the one that puts the productions together and delivers you your amazing productions, at your request of course. Check out our work!
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Entertainer / illusionist
Hi it's Daza, I'm the one the call on when it comes to 3D art and fun. I can turn a frown to a smile in no time, check out our social accounts.
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Fashion / Animation Designer
Get your designs mastered by a professional, i create amazing designs you will love that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Just ask for Nat when you drop by!
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Hi guys, Photos are my thing right now! No matter what your photo needs are, I make it happen!
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Charlie M
Blogger / Journalist
Chalie boy they call me, What's up guys! I'm the one that bring this old bunch to life, yes that means my blogs are the most interesting. You can tell when i'm on the buttons.
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Web Designer
Thinking about creating an amazing website, I'm your guy! I can design, host and even maintain your site to make it look great always.
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Charli L
Short film / video producer
Charli here, I've been filming and creating home movies since I got my first JVC, I've come a long way since then. Supporting cartoon and short film productions as well as working on a few projects of my own. Come to me if you need my expertise!
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Fashion design is my specialty and design is my forte. I can sculpt a design that will showcase your brand identity allowing you to stand out from the rest.
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Want to know more about the team? feel free to check our social media pages and get to know our team.

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