Why we should always celebrate women |IWD

Happy International Women’s Day. Celebrate women all month long with your loved one

Why female empowerment is so important in our societies as women are still discriminated on their gender. They are not given the same right as men. No

  • We are still expected to cook and clean
  • Women are being held back strict cultural and family views.

In some places women are still not allowed to work and girls not allowed study away from home because they believed that women are weaker than men.

Female empowerment is really needed in our societies. I can’t stress enough the importance for us women to stand together and be supportive, teach young girls, confiendece, self-love and many other qualities.

Empowering women is to give women the right. Have equal right to participate in education, society, economy and politically. Women can involve in society as they are glad to choose their religious, language, work and other activities.

Women’s Month (IWD) is to encourage women to feel strong, we can achieve anything we put our mind towards.

  • We can work outside of home and create opportunities.
  • We are no depended on men to earn and to support ourselves through our abilities.

As for some women who lack confident, self-love etc. Female empowerment has helped to reduce in domestic violence due to us speaking up giving the value back to women

As a society we have come along way, women are achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations.

Why we should always celebrate women |IWD
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