Cyclist Hit With £30k After Crashing Into A Woman

A cyclist who knocked over a woman who was looking at her mobile phone while crossing a road and was then threatened with financial legal costs has settled the case.

The case exposed how vulnerable uninsured cyclists are to expensive civil claims if they are involved in accidents.

Both cyclist and pedestrian, were both left unconscious after the rush-hour collision.

A judge ruled that both were equally to blame for the accident on a busy junction near London Bridge, but only the man was entitled to a payout because she had put in a claim and he had not.

Her lawyers had claimed costs of £112,000 a sum that would have left this man facing bankruptcy since he was uninsured. The claim prompted supporters to set up a GoFundMe appeal that raised more than £59,000 from more than 4,000 people.

In “It’s not the result I was hoping for, but everything was spiralling and the risk of being bankrupted regardless of the outcome was too high. I felt I didn’t really have a choice.”


He wanted to settle the case for less and donate any surplus from the GoFundMe appeal to the charity.

Cyclist Hit With £30k After Crashing Into A Woman
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