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Half hearted vegans keeps getting served chicken

A number of vegans have been left “sick” and “heartbroken” after being mistakenly served chicken burgers at KFC despite having ordered one of the chain’s new vegan offering.

KFC launched its new vegan Quorn chicken burger on 2 January, but a number of people have since complained about being given the wrong item.

Listen if care about your health that much you wouldn’t be investing in these fast food giants . All you half hearted vegans stop complaining and take a damn good care of your health.

Cook for yourself then you won’t have anything to worry about who’s going to feed you wrongfully 😂. So what you have a busy schedules. Sorry but I do not feel sorry for anyone in this situation you did this.

Is your busy life schedules important than your health?

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Half hearted vegans keeps getting served chicken
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