Which Time Of Day Is The Best To Exercise?

It all comes down to your chronotype.

Working out the best exercise plan to get the results you want is no easy task.

The good news? There’s a perfect time to exercise, but the not-so-good news is that the right time is different for each of us. Don’t worry though, there is a way to work out which time of day is best for your body and it all starts with this mysterious thing called a ‘chronotype‘.

Chronotype is just a fancy word for morning person or evening person.

What we have is circadian rhythms within our body. They are hormones that are increasing and decreasing with genes and proteins that are turning on and off in this approximately 24-hour cycle and that’s what determines your chronotype.

As your chronotype refers to the way your body self-regulates time, it is a significant factor when working out which time of day will suit your body best for exercise.

Experiment with morning and evening workouts to see what works best for you. start with the morning for couple of weeks.

For many people, lifestyle is the determining factor for when they can exercise. The most important thing with exercise is that it’s regular and that you can turn it into a constant habit.

Making exercise a regular thing will help you form a habit.

Try to meet the average recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise —

  • 30 minutes,
  • Five days a week

Time you choose to exercise shouldn’t have a drastic impact on achieving your fitness goals.


Which Time Of Day Is The Best To Exercise?
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