What does your zodiac sign says about career

How does your birthday impact your career? For those who are overly cautious to those who need to slow down

These are some of the greatest career struggles for every sign. Just remember, to ensure your tendencies work for you not against you in your career.

Aries: They don’t function well under pressure and deadlines
If there’s one character truth that all Aries share it’s their avoidance and strong dislike for authority. This means in any situation where they are being micromanaged, they will find themselves crumbling under the pressure and deadline.

Aries needs to cultivate their project management skills and risk-management abilities.

Taurus:  They are overly cautious and sometimes move too slow
They are patient, steadfast and loyal all great qualities for any professional and especially, a leader. Taurus also tend to be overly cautious and careful, creating stagnancy in a workflow. Often, they want to know every last detail and explore all risks before moving forward. While diligence is a great quality to have, it’s important to exercise trust. You have strength and power in your speech.

Another way to ensure happiness for a Taurus’s career is to choose a time-honored industry, rather than one that’s prone to disruption. Taurus is often the stable backbone of a business and will stay for a long time.

Gemini: Struggles to stay focused
One minute a Gemini is engaged with a project and the next, they are onto something different all together.

The twin sign has an effective way of communicating with others, but can find themselves gathering information that has no foundation. This is because once a Gemini’s curiosity is sparked, they roll with it even to their detriment. The reason this happens is that you love to exchange and receive a countless amount of information on a whim, but the source is what needs to be considered.

At times this can be overwhelming for your mental downloads. Remember, there is a need to gather intel first and then assess whether the information collected is valid.

Cancer: They are overly sensitive in all settings including professional ones

Real cancers are wonderful friends who are sensitive and kind-hearted. Also being easy to upset in the workplace isn’t always the most professional of qualities. In fact, sensitivity can be misinterpreted, causing you to lose merit in your industry.

There is a time and place to unload your personal issues, and you have to consider your inner circle of friends to be your support systembnot your colleagues. At work, if you are feeling tension, set aside some time for yourself to unload your emotions.

Leo: They struggle with management since they want to be the star.
Leos love drama but um, workplaces do not. That’s why Leos tend to chase after non-traditional gigs and shy away from corporate ladders that stifle their flair for performance grandeur. Leos make incredible solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, as they like to lead the show. The only issue is, if their ability to take their passion and turn it into profit. Leo must channel their creativity towards their product and processes and not get enmeshed in the drama between people and office politics.

Leo must cultivate consistency and reliability to keep money flowing towards them and their business.

Virgo: They fear to delegate and overthink everything
The colour inside all lines, pay attention to every last detail and have very high standards for themselves and others. They’re the perfectionists of the zodiac. Though this is a strong quality to have as a professional, sometimes they want and expect too much, causing them to take on more than they can chew. They need to work on trusting others by delegating and to relax a little.

Virgo has tremendous gifts of communication, but can be prone to black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking, especially when stressed Virgos are natural managers but need help to learn how to fail forward. Product development classes and experience will help Virgo learn to try, fail and succeed and reward a little creative messiness.”

Libra: They shy away from a confrontation at all costs
As the peacekeeper and the balance beam between the signs, a Libra can create a happy working environment and harmonise an office into perfection. However, there are times when their patience is tested, especially when there is a disagreement that makes them feel comfortable or even afraid. While their natural tendency may be to steer clear until the dust settles, this way of dealing with conflict can be misunderstood by your colleagues. That tension in the air will remain until you build the courage to clear the air through conflict resolution.

Write a list in order to collect your thoughts, and this will empower you to drive your argument through tactfully. This list can also be BCCed to your boss in case they need to know the details of the conflict.

Scorpio: They come across as unapproachable and intimidating
Diligent, dignified and strong-willed in your work. Scorpios often feel like a mysterious force to others. How come? They tend to be quiet, causing them to come across as unapproachable and intimidating. In fact, she says their employer may even have a hard time figuring out what is on their mind. “Keep in mind that at times you can be too absorbed in the emotional drama of others at work, and you may feel burned out once you are at home,” she continues. Once you see those employees starting to rant, excuse yourself and relocate to another part of the office.

Sagittarius: They tend to wing everything and can be too blunt
As a cheerful archer, it’s no surprise a Sagittarius can charm and enchant everyone they meet. Sags have an irreplaceable wit. However, being the life of the party can get them into plenty of foot-in-the-mouth situations as they gossip and chit-chat about everything. Sometimes, this is because they are stir crazy and will poke in on a colleague, just for fun. But when they are asked for advice or feedback, they tend to wing their response and be a little too honest. “Sagittarius can also be blunt, because they value the truth highly, but their words can be received the wrong way. Big-picture oriented Sagittarius would do well to invest in a class that teaches them the etiquette of various cultures, so tihey can be the best ambassador for themselves and the companies they work for

Capricorn: They have super-high goals and no work/life balance, Capricorn loves work but work may not always love them back. That’s because their greatest challenge is finding and adopting an effective work/life balance. Even though they are grounded, realistic and pragmatic, they also set near-impossible goals for themselves. It would be in the Capricorn’s interest to prioritise relationships both professional and personal rather than taking on the weight of the world alone. Team-building exercises are a must for Capricorns. They are very self-reliant by nature and need to learn how to give and receive support from others. 

Aquarius: They burn out and back out when they lose interest in something.

Full of ideas and quirky characteristics, it’s the Aquarius that often has the biggest, craziest ideas to offer their workplace. However, your out-of-the-box way of thinking can be overwhelming to colleagues, because they don’t always understand their process. And when someone doesn’t agree with their perspective, they shut down, burn out and back out… near instantly.

What helps the Aquarius’s nerves is staying busy, rather than standing still. In order to accommodate your creative spark, you will come up with a strategy that can be illustrated through storyboard/visual aids. This will organise your thoughts and help others see the creative process that will lead you to your goal.

Pisces: They give too much to others, leaving them frazzled

As an ethereal fish with the gift of touching so many, Pisces is the therapist of the office. Or in other words, the person everyone goes to when they need to unload, vent or complain. Though sure, they don’t mind and their gift of listening will take them far, it can also drain them of their already-precious energy. And if they aren’t proactive about staying on top of deadlines, they can easily fall behind.

Your workload will build up to the max, because of the time given to others. There is a need to set boundaries in order to salvage your job as well as your self-worth. When people begin to ‘check-in,’ excuse yourself from taking an early lunch break or switch the topic to something work-related. This will shift the energy of the conversation, and discourage the pattern from repeating.

What does your zodiac sign says about career
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