Why is your man faithful to his barber than you

Inter Milan full back Ashley Young splashed cash to fly his barber to Milan only to shave his head. Fans mocked him online for flying celebrity barber from Manchester to his new home in Milan for just a trim.
fans are over the celebrity barber, with one saying ‘Might as well shave it all off it’s not hard’

'Change your club, not your barber' Former united star trolled for passing a loyalty test with his barber after flying him 700 miles

The relationship between a man and his barber is deep. It’s like being in an open relationship with an unspoken rule of loyalty. My girls and I have this conversation all the time it’s like two people seeing each other but never had that ‘what are we’ conversation 🤷🏾‍♀️

Its no doubt that a good barber is hard to find. You know that saying when you find good hold on to it, so this whole loyalty between a man and his barber comes to no surprise.

Ashley Young passed the loyalty test when he flew his barber from Manchester to Milan just to sort him out with a new trim.

Ashley was widely mocked on social media for his decision.

Why is your man faithful to his barber than you
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