What is home? What defines “home?”

“Home is not a building but an emotion. It is a feeling of love, unity, comfort, safety, and happiness. It is a place that we don’t have to feel like we don’t belong.” – Samson Yung-Abu

With the UK now on lockdown, I guess we now have more time to think, ponder, reflect and write.

Is being at home where you grew up, or the city in which you currently live in, or the person you are now? Or the people who surround you?

Does home correlate with memories, with feelings such as comfort, security, unity, trust, worth, an escape?

Does the meaning of home differ for fostered, adopted, and orphaned children or the homeless?

Do they define home from what they see or what they feel?

What about people from a multicultural background, or people worldwide who are living in countries not considered their own.

What about people who are born in their own country they live in but don’t feel like they belong in it?
What is home? What defines “home?”
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