Coronavirus in Birmingham

A man from Birmingham caught the deadly virus during a recent holiday to the China.

An ambulance was sent to Mr Bennett’s address in Harborne, carrying medics in hazmat suits. He was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to have blood tests, where he remains in isolation awaiting results.

West Midlands Ambulance Service crew seen without any protective clothing or masks – British authorities are failing to take the threat of spreading the killer disease seriously.   

The sales worker returned from Wuhan on New Years’ Eve and quickly developed flu-like symptoms before becoming too unwell to leave his bed.

when he visited his GP on Monday he was told to go home – despite fears the highly contagious virus is poised to claim its first British victim.

The advice given by his doctor contradicted health bosses’ warning that suspected coronavirus patients must be ‘locked in a room alone straight away’.

Guidance issued to GPs by Public Health England last week ordered them to put patients in a separate room, close the door and ‘don’t let them touch anything or anyone’. 

Coronavirus in Birmingham
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