Is she thick as in stupid or dose it mean…

Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous.

I was going over some anatomy and physiology notes yesterday and it struck me to find… ‘thick’. Not as in stupid but this week a woman on the tram was going bananas about being thick and a man said “accepting the devil in your hear is what happens when you lie to yourself… acceptance Is also the truth that can set you free… you decide”
I was intrigued like what… if I was eating… it defiantly would have fell out my mouth
(I’m fasting though)?

She got involved in his conversation to his daughter about healthy eating she I don’t blame him.
(Was it guilt? Who knows)

He said to his daughter “a man did that to her, he wasn’t grow enough for a premium selection so when he saw her he said to his friend, yep….
That’s a tick ✅
She’s just confused”

Experience definitely dose lead to progress

Was the man wrong?

Was he protecting his daughters interests by bringing clarity.

In my HND Sports Science book there is no reference to this massaginistic concept except in the dictionary as an adverb
in or with deep, dense, or heavy mass.
“bread spread thick with butter”

Have we been accepting a feel good factor in our hearts?


When it doesn’t hang without tucking it in…

Passenger 1

When it’s firm without tensing

Passenger 2 (young woman)

Where do you draw the line between fact or fiction or as we say it now days fat or thick…

Passenger 3 (old woman)
Is she thick as in stupid or dose it mean…
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