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Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong

If we were at x how long would it take to get to y.
In life we have to know where we are coming from to get where we are going.
If you pay yourself to be somewhere dose that mean you’re being paid?
To understand that I have to introduce you to Jamayne….

I grew up in every area in the city. From this I took a lot of experiences. From which I learnt that decisions in life can be heaven sent or diminishing.

But that is when I found balance. In the fact that good and bad decisions are rich with blessing. The bad demonising concept wasn’t real.

I’ve been an apprentice twice, a master chef, homeless, behind bars for a weekend, a survival coach, a farther, a youth councillor, a business owner to this point….

A community ambassador!

Am I being paid….
somebody tell me how?

Experience is a blessing.

Why am I here somebody please tell me?

I’m looking at all of you like….. if you had this information I want to share, I wonder what you’d make of it. The results are instant. Before each of us go bed this evening each of us will easily make another 100,000 decisions.

If you were taught the process of better decision making, would you use it?

Me in media was designed for us to
‘Be more and see me‘

Patients and progression

I Never Grew Up To Screw Up | My Soul ⍟
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