Angry Black Woman

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Angry Black Woman is a derogatory term that refers to black women. It is also formulated as “Sapphire” or “Sassy Black Woman”. Andrea 25, spoke to The guardian about her experience, dealing with anxiety and depression.

The Angry Black Woman trope was popularized in the 1930s radio show Amos ‘n’ Andy with the character Sapphire. Her nagging, assertive demeanor and frequent emasculation of her husband has been echoed with characters such as Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son, based on the BBC Television program Steptoe and Son. The Angry Black Woman archetype has not been studied to the same degree as the Mammy and Jezebel archetypes. Scholars Dionne Bennett and Marcyliena Morgan suggest that the stereotype is less studied because researchers accept it: “The stereotype of the angry, mean Black woman goes unnamed not because it is insignificant, but because it is considered an essential characteristic of Black femininity regardless of the other stereotypical roles the Black woman may be accused of occupying. These stereotypes are more than representations, they are representations that shape realities.”

Angry Black Woman In Birmingham 2017


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